Blaze Technology Smarter Operations

Have you seen the LuLaRoe documentary (LuLaRich) on Amazon? There are many great take-aways from this series. I find it important when watching a documentary to find some take-aways. What can I learn (good or bad?)

One take-away from this documentary is the importance of using the right tool for the job. In one episode, a data entry clerk was discussing how at any given time there could be multiple people accessing the same Google Sheet for inventory. He would see the numbers fluctuate before his eyes and realized that the company would never have the right inventory count.

This led to the company being unable to fulfill orders on time, or send incomplete orders. It became a ripple effect, moving down through the ones who relied on the product to sell to their clients. The sellers would schedule live showings on social media to correspond to the product deliveries. It became quite an issue when those product boxes would arrive half-empty or not at all. Sellers would then have to choose between cancelling a show, or providing the show with limited to no product, all the while trying to save face and show professionalism.

The client's management team provided the requirements for the system and governed the development process. Houston Hydraulic, led by Webb Spencer designed and deployed the mechanical systems in accordance with the client's requirements. Blaze Technology, LLC, led by Justin Loop, developed the application for the monitoring, control, and automation of the BOP system.

During the interview with the LuLaRoe owners, they discussed how they spent thousands of dollars on software programs that they ultimately never used. Why did they do this? The software wasn’t configured to their business practices, or it was too difficult to train and implement with the staff.

If your business has grown, congratulations! It is time to step up the game and get the right tools to fit your growing company. Google Sheets are fine for one person, or a small group that understands the need to sign out the sheet one at a time. Otherwise, to track inventory, a larger company really needs a better tool in place, such as a database or online inventory management platform. There are some great systems on the market that often offer free trials or private showings. It is important to “test-drive” the software before making an investment. If the software doesn’t seem to fit your business, then it will probably be more cost-effective in the long-run to hire a software development team to develop a custom application specifically for your business needs.

Remember, it’s always better to 'work smarter, not harder'.