Blaze Technology instructional staff members hold over 20 years in the technology field and they are pleased to bring their knowledge to the homeschool community.

Why choose us?

  • Our staff are industry professionals with teaching experience.
  • We've developed our technology curriculum based on years of industry practice.
  • Our students are fully-engaged with our project-based classes.
  • We focus on applying knowledge gained to real-world applications.

Justin Loop

A "Learn by Doing" Philosophy

"We are a homeschool family. I started teaching my daughter technology-based subject when she was nine years old. Since then, she has created an animated story, music, and a variable controlled multicolored LED light bar. I saw the light in her face when she completed these projects. This gave me great joy."

Justin Loop is a professional industrial system integration and automation specialist. His vast education includes advanced military electronics training, an Associates of Arts in Mathematics, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology, and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science specializing in embedded system design.

Justin was in the US Navy for 11 years as an Aviation Electronics Technician. During his tour in the Navy, he studied computer science. After his time in the Navy, Justin worked in various oil and gas companies, large and small, developing software for a variety of automation systems. In 2013, after graduating with a Master’s in Computer Science, Justin decided to start his own business: Blaze Technology, LLC. As president of Blaze Technology, Justin has led teams to develop some of the most sophisticated automated test systems around. Justin’s extensive electronics and software development experience has provided the highest quality products. During his time with Blaze Technology, Justin has completed over 200 projects for clients. He also developed a dozen technology products from which he, and his wife Heather Loop, launched NOv8Tex Incorporated.

Justin also has extensive teaching experience. During his time in the Navy, Justin tutored high school students in math. Justin has hired and trained interns for technical positions within Blaze Technology, LLC. He also taught industrial system integration at the University of Houston. Justin currently teaches Taekwondo to students of all ages.